You’re Amplified in the Silence

Why do I deserve the science to feel better about you? At a loss I lost my cool I denied that I found you I tried to be a basket case I did not surprise you I'm trying to find a signal fire Let me know when I should move It is safe to assume… Continue reading You’re Amplified in the Silence


Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: Miguel Iniesta

Urban dictionary defines the hood with the last place you wanna be at on earth. A place where plenty of $h!t goes down like gangbanging, drug dealing, killing, a place where you wouldn't want to be at. I define it as my backyard growing up. At least once, if not twice a year, there was… Continue reading Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: Miguel Iniesta

Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: White Picket Fence | Part 2

Last Wednesday, June 7th, myself and three other CBU students departed for Phoenix, Arizona to begin our training for our six-week mission trip to Portland. Joe was kind enough to drive us over and send us off. Thank you, Joe! The five-day training in Phoenix has ended and I am currently at the airport with… Continue reading Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: White Picket Fence | Part 2

Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God | Introduction

Miggi Iniesta, born on July 3rd, 1993 in Artesia, California. A city found in South East L.A. The first half of my childhood was spent in Paramount, CA and in sixth grade, my parents bought a house in Compton. Both of these cities had two things in common, immigrants and an urban community. I loved… Continue reading Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God | Introduction

Bigger Than

“You give life, You are love You bring light to the darkness You give hope, You restore Every heart that is broken Great are You, Lord” This morning for our chapel service, Dr. Jeff Mooney gave an exegetical sermon on Mark 10:17-31. Dr. Mooney isn't one to sugarcoat whatever text in scripture he is in.… Continue reading Bigger Than

Footsteps | Create Tribe

“Feeling like a refugee Like it don’t belong to me The colors flash across the sky This air feels strange to me Feeling like a tragedy I take a deep breath and close my eyes One last time” — Jon ForemanLast weekend I participated in a weekend of service projects that my school calls Urban… Continue reading Footsteps | Create Tribe