Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: Miguel Iniesta

Urban dictionary defines the hood with the last place you wanna be at on earth. A place where plenty of $h!t goes down like gangbanging, drug dealing, killing, a place where you wouldn't want to be at. I define it as my backyard growing up. At least once, if not twice a year, there was… Continue reading Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: Miguel Iniesta


Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: White Picket Fence | Part 2

Last Wednesday, June 7th, myself and three other CBU students departed for Phoenix, Arizona to begin our training for our six-week mission trip to Portland. Joe was kind enough to drive us over and send us off. Thank you, Joe! The five-day training in Phoenix has ended and I am currently at the airport with… Continue reading Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God: White Picket Fence | Part 2

Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God | Introduction

Miggi Iniesta, born on July 3rd, 1993 in Artesia, California. A city found in South East L.A. The first half of my childhood was spent in Paramount, CA and in sixth grade, my parents bought a house in Compton. Both of these cities had two things in common, immigrants and an urban community. I loved… Continue reading Testimonies & The Sovereignty of God | Introduction

Bigger Than

“You give life, You are love You bring light to the darkness You give hope, You restore Every heart that is broken Great are You, Lord” This morning for our chapel service, Dr. Jeff Mooney gave an exegetical sermon on Mark 10:17-31. Dr. Mooney isn't one to sugarcoat whatever text in scripture he is in.… Continue reading Bigger Than

Footsteps | Create Tribe

“Feeling like a refugee Like it don’t belong to me The colors flash across the sky This air feels strange to me Feeling like a tragedy I take a deep breath and close my eyes One last time” — Jon ForemanLast weekend I participated in a weekend of service projects that my school calls Urban… Continue reading Footsteps | Create Tribe

These Days Are Numbered | Embrace The Change

Embrace the change. Three words my mentor told me when I was sixteen. Embrace the change that will come. No matter the immense difficulty it can bring, embrace the change.    Those words hold weight today. They're even heavier now that I am a Christian. Now, I must embrace the change knowing I serve a… Continue reading These Days Are Numbered | Embrace The Change

Come on my soul | A Plea.

Right now, I am suffering. Not the Western type of suffering of not getting what you want, or stubbing your toe in the morning. But the biblical suffering Paul speaks about in Romans chapter five, the suffering one endures because of their faith in Jesus Christ. I knew the moment would come where these words… Continue reading Come on my soul | A Plea.

It Takes A Village

On Tuesday nights we have Life Group. A night where a community of imperfect people come together, read God's word, apply it to our lives, and go through the motions of life together. It's an eclectic bunch. We range from singles, young couples, married young adults, and some of us even have little ones running… Continue reading It Takes A Village

Cleopatra & I

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear Pack yourself a favorite blouse Take a withdrawal slip, take all of your savings out 'Cause if we don't leave this town We might never make it out I was not born to drown, baby come on Today is a gloomy day in sunny Southern California. Which could only mean… Continue reading Cleopatra & I

Admit, Believe, Confess.

I got a text this morning from my mom letting me know that last night my cousin Deigo was shot multiple times. Two of the bullets have penetrated his lungs. He's currently in stable condition and my family is at the hospital with him. Diego is a kind kid who had to be the man… Continue reading Admit, Believe, Confess.

Ignition2K15 | A Vision

Woah. The perfect word to describe the last three days. Just woah. What a way to end 2015. Before we go any further, some backstory. Last year, 2014, I landed in Hemet, CA. A place I did not expect to be but for only a few weeks. The Lord had other plans. I figured since… Continue reading Ignition2K15 | A Vision


Spontaneous Sunday Nights like this is what satisfies my wanderlust. -Mallory Love Miller Yesterday our Church had its annual business meeting. It went smooth. Afterward, the usual suspects, (Miles, Jeana, Flynn, Murphy, Akila, Joe, Mallory), we went out for Ramen. We love Ramen, and on chilly California Nights, nothing hits the spot quite like it.… Continue reading WANDERLUST

Vulnerability Is Not Always A Bad Thing

"Hey Miggi, wanted you to know that I have really been enjoying your Blog. It's been great insight." Recently a friend of mine, Audrey, told me this during a Breakfast our Church was having. I said, "Thank you! It's how I vent my many thoughts and really keep track of how much I've changed over… Continue reading Vulnerability Is Not Always A Bad Thing

Missing Your Mother’s Cooking | Authentic Chilaquiles

One thing you miss the most about moving out of your parent's house is your mother's cooking. One of the best things my mom told me was, You need to learn how to cook because you don't know who you're going to marry. They may not be Hispanic, they may not like to cook, or… Continue reading Missing Your Mother’s Cooking | Authentic Chilaquiles

Birthdays and Me.

She didn't wish me a happy birthday.  He didn't know it was my birthday. She didn't get me anything for my birthday. These are statements I've never thought to myself. Why? Because again, just like holidays, birthdays were never a big deal in my household, in fact, they were frowned upon. Sure as a kid… Continue reading Birthdays and Me.

The Aftermath & Conclusion | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 5

Saturday afternoon, two days after Thanksgiving. A quick recap of all that's happened. I chose to stay in this Thanksgiving and be by myself. Get some real rest. I did have lovely people open up their homes for me, but I declined. I needed this day to myself. It went great. In the spirit of being… Continue reading The Aftermath & Conclusion | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 5

YOUtube | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 4

“If life’s worth living, it’s worth recording” — Shay Carl Butler A year ago I started Smalltalk with Miggi on Youtube. Seven years ago, I made an account and actively started watching these random people record their day. It was weird. But I kept coming back. I got hooked to their story and the sense… Continue reading YOUtube | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 4

M.R. Reed | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 3

The many faces of Miggi from 2010-2014.And Monique has seen them all. Monique was my AP English teacher my junior year, my first impression of her was,"Who's this chick with an AFI bag? Does she even Davey?" ;)Maybe not those words exactly, but something along those lines. Turns out, she knows a lot more than… Continue reading M.R. Reed | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 3

Old Friends | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 2

I am thankful for old friends. Growing up, my friends were my family. I could be myself 100% of the time. They put up with my emotional breakdowns, my sarcasm, and my lame (but not really lame, they're just lame) cheesy jokes. I really did get by with a little help from my friends. The friends… Continue reading Old Friends | The “I’m Thankful” Series Part 2

The “I’m Thankful” Series. – Part 1

Today I posted this on my IG:  It's true. Today for thanksgiving I'm staying in. By choice. I do have wonderful people who have opened up their homes to me, and I love them for it. But today, I'm selfishly saying no. I want to rest today. I want to create stuff without a pressure… Continue reading The “I’m Thankful” Series. – Part 1

Thanksgiving 2015.

It's a thing our culture does. We sit around the table, eat way too much, and spend time with loved ones. However, not all of us have that. To be completely honest, the holidays is one of the toughest seasons for me. This holiday season, we've been focusing on giving back. Thanking God for his provision,… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2015.

At Last.

Finally. After years, literally years, I have been designing and redesigning a website. I have tried serval platforms in the past and have even tried square space in the past, but I could never get it just right. I could not settle on a template, I would get frustrated, or just not feel inspired after… Continue reading At Last.

A House Not Made With Hands

Before I begin, I want to say thank you to my Church Family. Who after reading my last post, have texted me encouragement and made sure I was okay. You are a blessing. Just for a moment you let me vent and pour out the state of sorrow I was in. There's a sense of… Continue reading A House Not Made With Hands

Just For A Moment

It's finally happend. I have been expecting it. My last two posts have been about hope and encouragement. This one won't be. The emotional weight has finally settled in. You know when you reach that moment where you just need to let it get to you? When your heart is heavy and its telling you,… Continue reading Just For A Moment

It Feels Like Home

I'm saying yes to You And no to my desires I'll leave myself behind And follow you There is grace for today, so praise the Lord. It's easy to praise Him when everything is going our way. As emotional human beings, we fashion this idea of the perfect life we want to have. Some of… Continue reading It Feels Like Home

The Sweetness of Freedom.

It's been almost ten months since I've published anything publicly. That does not mean I've stopped writing, never. All my time and energy has been focused on five things: Growing my relationship with God Serving my Church Smalltalk on Youtube  Crimson Letters  (Crimson Letters on WordPress, they write some powerful stuff) Building/Growing Friendships Of course,… Continue reading The Sweetness of Freedom.


Gone are the days where my heavy heart is worn on my sleeve. Gone are the days of the great unknown. Gone are the old pictures in my drawer, the good conversations, and gone are the days where you cross my mind. One more old record in a beat up sleeve, the same sad songs… Continue reading Gone.

Losing Control.

I think we can all agree that life can get very busy. Whether you have six kids, school, or a demanding job, everything on this list demands your time and patience. I don't know about you, but I know that I like to be in control. I feel most comfortable when Im the one leading… Continue reading Losing Control.

The Ghost of a Good Thing

There comes a time in your life where the Ghosts that taunt you stop. They flee. Suddenly, they're gone. But how? The secret is to stop running. Face your Ghosts. This time is different, I am not alone. For the first time in a long time I don't feel alone. For those of you that have… Continue reading The Ghost of a Good Thing

I need you

I come, I confess, you're the one that guides my heart. Im on my knees, not being able to move. My mind racing with confusion of where I should be. I follow you, but which path of worship do I follow? I thought everything was at a understanding. That we were okay now, well, I… Continue reading I need you

Casas De Carton

Camino sobre la calle y veo las caras de mi gente, caras que no tienen sonrisas. No se ven tan amigables cuando te cercas a su puesto. No están seguros si les vas a comprar o a robar. Se les fue la confianza en la Humanidad. Trabjan duro para poner comida en la mesa, trabajan… Continue reading Casas De Carton


Everyone's on the street talking about new places to go. Looking for places to go. Stuck in a world where everything seems unfair. Might as well just build your own coffin, trying to run from something. You're talking about leaving, but everyone is just sitting on their grave. You can talk all you want, but… Continue reading Ghosts.

Rivers and Roads.

I've arrived inside the Golden State. The City of Angels. I've missed the mountains, the weather, but most of all, the relationships you build with people that take time and dedication. The relationships that don't just fade when one moves away. It takes a lot more than that. I've been thinking of all the things… Continue reading Rivers and Roads.

Scraping up the Pieces.

Growing up, one of my favorite childhood stories of all time was about the boy who never wanted to grow up. You know, the boy who could fly, who crowed, and fought evil pirates. The one who has a pack of Lost Boys who were the most loyal companions anyone could ever ask for. The… Continue reading Scraping up the Pieces.

Fighting things we can’t see

Like that tiny voice inside my head. Like doing things that I shouldn't believe in. Am I myself or am I dreaming? At times, the toughest battles are those inside our heads. Am I a man when I feel like a ghost? I try to hide it and not let it show, I feel like… Continue reading Fighting things we can’t see


1man·i·fes·to  noun \ˌma-nə-ˈfes-(ˌ)tō\ : a written statement that describes the beliefs, goals, and opinions of a person or group The following post is for those young souls who are freshly released from their educational institutions & are being thrown into the real world.   When I first graduated high school, my first two words were, I'M… Continue reading Manifesto.

Carry On.

"If you're lost and alone, or you're sinking like a stone, carry on. May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground." What are you willing to risk for happiness? Take a moment and think about where you are right now. Is it what you imagined? Are you doing what you hoped… Continue reading Carry On.

A Sinner’s Letter to God pt.2 ‘Tis the season.

Hey, you know all that courage I preach, and tell people about? I need to practice what I preach. Help me find courage. The strength to get through this next two months. I can't do it alone, you know me better than anyone else, you know whats in my heart, and you know that I… Continue reading A Sinner’s Letter to God pt.2 ‘Tis the season.

Foreverly in Unity.

What does unity mean to you? noun 1. The state of being united or joined as a whole It's another sleepless restless night, so yet again I type the three www's and end up here. Typing away, trying to gather my thoughts. Listening to a beautiful rendition of The Everly Brothers done by Billie Joe Armstrong… Continue reading Foreverly in Unity.


What is your self worth? Can you honestly put your value in dollar signs? How worthy am I? Of your grace, your attention, or your trust? Now more than ever, I must find my confidence. Release the fear & doubts. I see the world, but how does the world see me? How do you see… Continue reading Plunge.